Our camper van enhancements

After the 3 1/2 weeks last summer, we decided that camper van vacation is absolutely the right thing for us. So when having found a good offer last autumn, we bought a Westfalia Columbus 540 D.

Due to its length, the van can still be used as daily driver but offers all comfort of a camper van (kitchen, bath, 4 beds!).

As our goal is to travel as individual as possible, hence we decided to enhance the van with solar panels flat light MT 280 from Büttner (providing 280 Wp!).
Furthermore, an additional body battery with 2 x 90 Ah got added.

In addition, a Votronic load booster was added to improve the battery load performance.

Last but not least a rear view camera (as I am really bad in estimating distances) and a radio were installed.

With the solar panels and the extra body battery we should be able to travel without any additional external power.
So let the adventures begin :-).

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