Der Teinacher


What can be better than spending your one day honeymoon in your own camper van and go for a hike with best weather conditions on a holiday? I’d say nothing :-).

1st May is a public holiday, so we decided yesterday to spend a night in the camper van in Bad Teinach (parking space at the outdoor pool – not very romantic).

Bad Teinach is only a 30 minutes drive from where we live so no intense decision-making was required.

We chose to walk on of the premium hiking paths in the northern black forest called “Der Teinacher”. The description says it is supposed to be an ambitious path in idyllic nature – and I can confirm it is.

The route is very well depicted so the chances to get lost on the path are very low – even if you do not carry a map with you.

One “highlight” are the 600 steps to be climbed on the route :).


There are really some steps to be climbed – by the way mountain bikes are forbidden on that route ;-).

Highlight of the route is probably Zavelstein and its old castle. A historic place and a very picturesque town. If thirsty or hungry you’d also find restaurant there for a break.

And even a restaurant with a Michelin Star for the ones seeking for exclusive tasty treats – the Berlin Krone Lamm.

It was a really nice hike and I highly recommend visiting Zavelstein!



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