Hiking in Balderschwang

When you find something that soothes your thoughts and increases your energy level, do it as often as you can. As the trip to Völs am Schlern was giving me so much energy for the work week, I announced a series of upcoming micro adventures to my husband. Means short trips from Friday night to... Continue Reading →

Extended weekend at Dockweiler (Vulkaneifel)

For our first extended trip with the camper van we decided to visit the Vulkaneifel in the upper West of Germany.Wikipedia mentions that it is the least densely populated district in that state and the fourth most sparsely populated district in Germany, and yes Wikipedia, this is in deed a perceptible fact. The chosen campsite... Continue Reading →

Der Teinacher

What can be better than spending your one day honeymoon in your own camper van and go for a hike with best weather conditions on a holiday? I'd say nothing :-). 1st May is a public holiday, so we decided yesterday to spend a night in the camper van in Bad Teinach (parking space at... Continue Reading →

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