About me

img_4558Hi there,

my name is Johanna and thanks for your interest in my little outdoor adventures for normal people (as I like to call them).
I love being outdoors – no matter if for a hike, on one of my bikes or standup paddling as long as there is no other roof top than the sky.
We own a camper and love to travel the roads, enjoy being independent of a rented apartment or hotel.
In real life I am an IT manager with a passion for human centric leadership and a strong focus on SAP technology.
Work life is busy, hence we enjoy every second exploring mother nature, breathing fresh air, climbing new heights, finding new roads and living an outdoors life at its best.
I’d love to interact with my readers while the main reason for this blog is that I use at my own diary.
And since I hate ads on websites, my blog is ad free and if I promote gear or whatever it is because I personally think it’s something great to own – no sponsorships or whatever.

Have fun reading my blog posts,
Cheers Johanna

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