Schlanders – Camping Vogelsang – Day 2

Around 30°C with a burning sun today but we were telling ourselves today or never – uphill Sonnenberg, downhill Monte Sole (Sunny Benny) and Tschilli trail.


We tried that already in 2013, on that very first bike vacation still riding hardtails, and I remember that we had to push our bikes and were not able to finish the uphill.
The uphill offers very little amount of shadow and is on nice asphalt, reflecting back the heat.
The beast was beaten today, we did the uphill, and it only required 1 granola bar and 2 energy gels and 1 1/2 liters of water each ;-).

We were then offered a changed Sunny Benny trail post the uphill – I was missing the tricky key sections, I guess the trail builders did some rework here since we been here for the last time.

The downhill section was as expected big fun to ride – roots rock’n’roll – and despite the uphill manageable from an endurance perspective.

We finished the ride with a stop at the bar Vis-a-Vis which is a popular spot for mountain biker and freerider in that area to meet (many of shuttle services start from there).

Now it is raining cats and dogs again, the air freshened up from the heat, and I assume tomorrow we’ll head for a bit of hiking as my legs are tired from spinning.

Bildschirmfoto 2018-08-04 um 20.51.26


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