Schlanders – Camping Vogelsang – Day 1

Yesterday we had another transfer day, while travelling to Schlanders / Vinschgau we made a quick stop at the Salewa concept store in Bozen, which is really nicely built with a climbing wall outside of the building and a well organized shop inside.

Once arrived in Schlanders on Camping Vogelsang, we managed to set up the van before it started to rain quite heavily. Honestly this was a relief, because the temperature outside was too hot to handle. But you will not read me complain, I am on summer vacation having the best weather ever!

So the weather forecast for today was up to hot temperatures again, nevertheless we decided to climb some meters of height with the bikes and ride the Holy Hansen and Aigen trail – initially the Montani switchbacks were on the schedule as well but we skipped those as I was not feeling too great post the Aigen downhill.

Climbing up went quite ok, again a sea of sweat on my bike’s top tube.
And regarding the amount of horseflies trying to eat me while they were accompanying me on the way up, I assume I must have carried a sweaty smell with me :-).

We made a stop at the Haslhof, got something to drink and got ready for the trail.

The trail ride itself was ok but for sure not my best run.
I had my two still most memorable crashes on the Holy Hansen and the Aigen trail, so both have sections that I like to avoid – and let me be honest, also today I avoided those – I was not in the mood to beat those beasts today.

At the end, we came down safe, one bike with a mechanical issue on the rear derailleur which we could fix back at the campsite.

The highlight for me today was the smooth uphill and the ice cream at Helene’s in Latsch!

A side note – having an offering on a campsite with a super slow WLAN is worse than having none #speedisgod #VogelsanggetyourWiFigoingfaster.



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