Kronplatz – MTB Enduro Tour

After a stormy night – 3450 lightnings were counted over Southern Tyrol – we got up not too late to start for the enduro tour that I found on the WWW -> Enduro Tour St. Lorenzen. We climbed a bit more than 900 height meters without any decent with an average percentage gradient of around 10%, manageable but exhaustive.

I remember our first bike vacation in 2013 when we started to make cycling our most favorite free time activity. I was still smoking during that time and a newbie on trails, and 500 meters of height were killing me. After that climb I had my first real crash with visible impact and remember that I wanted to stop riding trails right away :-).

So the trail for today was hiking path Nr. 12 A, the description said S3 – S5, and as usual I said let’s have a look if it is really soooooo bad. I expected it to be steep – ’cause on the map you can easily identify that it crosses the height lines almost perpendicularly.

The entry looked nice – so we started and thanks to the rain from yesterday and slippery off camber roots I had soft lay down with my bike after 5 meters on the trail – yes I love my bike and most of the time when crashing we lay down very close to each other :-).

Altogether, there were a lot of sections that were worth the description S3 – S5 and I was often pushing my bike instead of riding it. Still it was worth taking the track as there were also some nicely challenging not like “you will die” looking sections in it.

We had a quick coffee break at a nice mountain pasture and arrived at the campsite in one piece.

Tomorrow we are heading off to Sexten, looking very much forward to this as there we will head for at least one via ferrata hike and more enduro tours.

So some words on the campsite here.
It is definitely a great place for families with children – I am delighted to see how quickly those little fellows make friends after 10 minutes, and how irrelevant the nationality is. Reminds me of how I grew up.
There’s a lot of farm live here, tons of chicken running around the site, lamas, horses, goats.

The  facilities are kept clean, internet connection is good and affordable AND you can connect more that one device with your pass what was not possible in Sölden – W-O-W !

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