Transfer Day to Sexten

It was transfer day and a Sunday at the same time – and summer vacation has just started in Italy. As the distance to our next stop was only 1 hour of driving, we wanted to get some action done on our way to Sexten.

First stop was at Climbing Park Toblach but it was so crowded that we decided to head for the Pragser Wildsee – but here again no luck, all parking lots were full.

Next try : Plätzwiese – problem here was that you can only pass the street with your own car before 10 AM and post 5 PM. But there was a parking space at the bottom of the pass road. So we decided to park the van there and take a small hike directly from that spot.
There is also the option to take the bus to Plätzwiese from there, what most people were doing.

We decided to walk up the trail to Postmeister Alm, which said 1h 30 min as per the sign.
Unfortunately the weather started to change so after around one hour we started to walk down again. We were as usual perfectly prepared for a hike with no water or food.

Back down we shared an “Apfelstrudel” and called it enough activity for the day :).




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