The Cats

About one year ago I decided that I want to have a cat back in my life.
While the better half is somehow allergic to cats I started looking for solutions and luckily found one.

I read that some people do not show allergic reaction when in contact with Siberian or Norwegian cats, while there is no real scientific proof of that fact I wanted to give it a try.

I found a breeder close by and reserved a male kitten, then I took the better half to visit the cute kittens – and voila – no allergic reaction.
The deal was sealed – Murphy moved in mid of December 2017.

I initially planned to give him the freedom to be an outdoor cat. But this fluffy white thing with blue eyes … I am too scared that someone will just keep him as I was told such stories by my vet.
So what next – we are working around 10 hours per day, so I did not want that fluffy thing to be home alone the whole day.

Solutions kept simple – we got another cat … I wanted another Siberian kitten but had no luck, so we checked if the better half would react allergic to a maine coon (am in love with that breed since a long time).

Well, that worked out perfectly fine, Charlie moved into our home in January 2018.

Fortunately they get along very well!

We gave them the nickname “The Schmörfels” for whatever reason (this simply started) and in the meantime they have their own instagram account (See the link below).

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