Our camper van enhancements

After the 3 1/2 weeks last summer, we decided that camper van vacation is absolutely the right thing for us. So when having found a good offer last autumn, we bought a Westfalia Columbus 540 D. Due to its length, the van can still be used as daily driver but offers all comfort of a... Continue Reading →

Der Teinacher

What can be better than spending your one day honeymoon in your own camper van and go for a hike with best weather conditions on a holiday? I'd say nothing :-). 1st May is a public holiday, so we decided yesterday to spend a night in the camper van in Bad Teinach (parking space at... Continue Reading →

A weekend at Riederalp

Getting there ... I really feel blessed having made such good relationships with so many colleagues during my career. It is always nice to keep in touch - even if it is not on a regular basis. I spent quite some time working for an account located in Switzerland, this is where I met the... Continue Reading →


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