Hiking in Völs am Schlern


I only started to realize how I missed travelling once the landscape started to change and we were driving on the Brenner highway. Destination for our 5 days trip with the camper van was South Tyrol again, Völs am Schlern.

First trip after a long long time, not only because the van has been in the workshop for over 6 month due to a leaky roof – again.

We stayed at Camping Seiser Alm, which was quite crowded but even the last minute booking the day before worked out fine. For travelling, we got COVID tested on Saturday and started the trip on 30th May 2021. Weather forecast looked perfect. Crossing borders was no issue at all, no one checked if we got tested before entering Italy (Austria had an extra line for transit).

A walk to Völser Weiher

As we started early we even had time and energy for an activity in the afternoon. As usual we checked routes nearby on Outdooractive and decided to walk to the Völser Weiher.

The Völser Weiher is located at an altitude of 1,036 m in a forest in front of the west face of the Schlern.
The route leads up to a leisure hotspot for tourists and locals, which we did not expect in COVID times. People were enjoying the lake side like on a crowded Italian beach.

Hiking around Plattkofel and Langkofel

Next day we took an early shuttle bus to the Seiser Alm cable car as we planned to take a hike from Seiser Alm. We have not been here before so we were keen about the advertised panoramic views it offers to outdoor lovers.

Again, we found the route on Ourdooractive (route link).

Seiser Alm is a famous Dolomite plateau and the largest high-altitude Alpine meadow in Europe.

It is located in the western part of the Dolomites and has an altitude between 1,680 m a.s.l. and 2,350 m a.s.l.; it extends for 52 km² between Val Gardena to the north, the Sassolungo Group to the north-east and the Sciliar massif to the south-east, which with its unmistakable profile is one of the most famous symbols of all the Dolomites. Given the vastness of the area, from here it is possible to admire a large number of mountain groups: among others, the Sella Group, the Rosengarten group and the Marmolada.

The views have been amazing – the hike route was nice as it offered a new panorama almost around every corner.

A quick rocket shot with the drone, as we did not want to extensively fly the drone in respect to nature and people visiting the meadow.

Hiking along Hammerwand

Our initial plan was to make the big tour from the campsite to the Schlern summit and back, the route looks very exciting but requires strong legs with 1700 meters to climb. As we saw the amount of snow still insisting to cover the Schlern and we were not prepared for walking in snow fields, we decided to play it safe.

We planned a hike below the Hammerwand (route link). Again we passed the Völser Weiher, from the campsite there is no way to escape that lake if you want to access the like routes around the Schlern.

We had a delicious stop at Hofer Alpl and enjoyed empty paths and nature.

Rest day – cycle to ice cream

A rest day being at outdoor heaven is never a rest day. If you stay at campsites there are always some people who enjoy staying in front of their camper van the whole day, camping life is of course a busy life (you have to keep your house tidy) – still I couldn’t do that :-).

As we had the MTBs with us, we decided to cycle to Kastelruth and get ice cream. As this was just a quick ride, we were quite lazy for the rest of the day. Destination of choice was ice cream shop Andreas – very much recommended.

A hike to Vordere Völseggspitze

Last day before our vacation ended we decided to take the longest hike of the week. We planned the tour ourselves (route link). With 25 km and 1300 meters to climb, we decided to started early.
After warming up to Völser Weiher, where we used the opportunity to get water from the drinking water fountain, we where rewarded with a beautiful hike on steep narrow paths, wide forrest paths, changing landscapes.

The closer we came to the Tschafon hut the more other hiking groups were around, but most of the time we were pretty alone out there.

At the summit we were enjoying the stunning view and silence, and afterward during a break at the hut some local delicacies.

The campsite

The campsite is modern, clean and well maintained. They even have 3 industry dish washers that can be used without charge, I loved that.
The food at the restaurant was of good quality and the service staff very kind.

The lavatory was close to a 4 star hotel feeling.

Still I prefer less crowded/visited campsites, even if they miss comfort.
Here may rating (max. 5 smileys):

Recovery factor☺☺☺☺
Parking space size☺☺
Lavatory / Washrooms☺☺☺☺☺
Price vs Service☺☺☺☺
Activity factor☺☺☺☺
Shopping / Restaurants☺☺☺

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  1. Must have been nice to get back out there and the Mountain views can really make anyone forget what is happening in the world for a moment 🙂

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    1. jelisu says:

      thanks for commenting, this is so true, mountains make me forget what is happening in the world for a moment

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