On our way to Sulden or how to survive narrow pass roads

The weather starts to change and rain is forecasted almost all over Europe. We were looking for the next place to stop by and decided to head to Sulden to conquer an easy 3000+ summit. The weather forecast was not great but okay.

We decided to take scenic routes to reach Sulden from Levico Terme and came over Passo del Tonale, Passo Di Gavia and Passo dello Stelvio.

And here is the lessons learned. Don’t choose too many pass roads on one day. Don’t think pass roads are scenic when sitting in a camper van, remember that you are not driving a Porsche. Don’t choose pass roads that are to narrow for camper vans like Passo Di Gavia is. A majority of the track is too narrow for two cars, so one needs to head backwards. And I guess no one enjoys that when you are close to the abyss.

Phil had to drive the whole route – I was busy not to panic – and was pretty exhausted when we reached the parking space for the night in Sulden. We had dinner at the only open restaurant and were put to sleep by rooftop rain. Check our campervan Instagram profile for more.

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