A hike on Hintere Schöntaufspitze (3325m)

After a peaceful night we got ready for the planned hike to the summit of the Hintere Schöntaufspitze.

We decided to make use of the cable car to climb the first meters of height, still around 700 meters of height left.

If the weather would have been good the place is perfect for a mountain summit scenery of the Ortler group, Königspitze, Monte Zebru and the famous Ortler. But well, it was all nicely covered in clouds.

We started following path 151 in direction to the Madritschjoch, a not to steep and safe path. From the Madritschjoch we turned left following a blocked and steep route to the summit, surefootedness is a must!

The stones were slightly covered with snow and a cold wind accompanied us. We got a sneak peak on parts of the Konigspitze. Despite the weather conditions we still very much enjoyed the hike. On cloudy days mountains seem to be even more silent and mysterious.

We had a lunch break at the cable car station and headed towards Aosta valley with another sleep over stop in Trentino.

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