Quick stop at Interlaken

The weather in Zermatt was not optimal so we decided to take an interim break at Interlaken to have a rest day.

We stayed one night at TCS Camping Interlaken directly next to the river Aare. And once more directly next to the railway and in addition to that next to the mooring point for the nostalgic paddlewheel steamer “Lötschberg”.

We had nothing special planned for our Interlaken visit, so we were just visiting the old town Unterseen, just wandered though the streets, had lunch and enjoyed strawberries with melted chocolate at the funky chocolate club.

In the evening we took the E-bikes and cycled along the river to the lakeside to take a glimpse at the landscape in its evening colors.

Next stop: Zermatt with a quick break at the Eggishorn.

The campsite

Recovery factor☺☺☺☺
Parking space size☺☺☺☺☺
Lavatory / Washrooms☺☺
Price vs Service☺☺☺☺
Activity factor☺☺☺
Shopping / Restaurants☺☺

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