Eat Riederalp Sleep Repeat

It’s finally time for another camper van adventure that we kicked off with another stay with my former HP colleagues and their wives at Riederalp on 6th September 2019.

We are on the road for the next 3 weeks with the goal to explore famous swiss mountain sides and where ever the weather and road will take us :-).

Getting to Riederalp took us around 8 hours, we had to take the train transfer as the Furka pass road was closed due to snow fall.

Bernard and his wife Monika gave us a warm welcome at their holiday apartment “Abendrot“.

The weather conditions were unfortunately not optimal this year, which also led to the fact that Philipp had to leave Riederalp without having had the chance to see the Aletsch glacier.

Instead of hiking the plan was to go on an E-MTB tour and explore some trails. When Bernard asked me to check on a route that everyone would be able to handle, I had my difficulties as most trails up there start at S2 level, which is quite advanced.

So I asked Bernard as the one with local area knowledge to suggest the route.

Monika and Martine decided to stay at the apartment, the remaining 6 of us started the foggy adventure.

For lunch we stopped at a typical Swiss restaurant where I ordered a “cheese sandwich”, Bernard asked me if this is really what I wanted to order as cheese fondue was on the menu for that night, well, I just thought I’d be getting a regular German-like cheese sandwich, but what the waiter brought was a cheese alarm in real.

With fog and rain and partially pushing our bikes up steep steps we all arrived safely at the apartment.

No need to say that my Swiss (-Alsatian) friends were keen to ride trails and all managed it really very well for their first trail ride under difficult weather conditions.

The cheese fondue that was prepared for dinner was one of a kind, prepared with sour must instead of white wine it was easier to digest and the pears and grapes made it extra delicious.

As the weather on Sunday was even worse we decided to watch the traditional “Alpabzug” (alp descent) at Bettmeralp. We closed the meet up with a small lunch break and cleaning our room.

Now it’s up to Clement to invite us for a basic golf course at his “pond” and of course we will meet each other at Riederalp next year again.

Thanks again to Bernard and Monika for welcoming us in your apartments, for the hospitality, self made jam, and simply everything!

Next stop for us: Lauterbrunnen

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