Premium Hiking Path “Teufelsmühle” in Bad Herrenalb

While preparing for another longer hiking & cycling vacation in September, we did another beautiful hiking tour in the Nothern Black Forest in Bad Herrenalb.

This time the GPS track from worked perfectly fine. Bad Herrenalb can be reached by train (S-Bahn) or of course by car. It’s located 15 km east of Baden-Baden, and 22 km southwest of Pforzheim.

The town grew up around Alba Dominorum, a Cistercian monastery founded in 1148. The monastery was later dissolved during the Reformation. As early as 1841 Dr. J. Weiss established a cold water sanitarium which was later transformed into a water therapy institute with a sanitarium for nervous disorders.

Since 1954 Herrenalb is officially known as a “health resort.” In 1971 a 600 meter deep well was drilled into a mineral rich water source. With the exploitation of this source, Herrenalb officially appended the word “Bad” (German for bath) to its name on July 26, 1971.

The route passes the natural wooded ravine “Großes Loch” which was formed 200 years ago and is protected natural monument.
The path offers a lot of variety from leading along a stream, climbing steep rocky sections, imprecated birch wood paths and observations towers and spots with wide views.

And as often in Baden-Württemberg you are reminded by signs that mountainbilking is strictly forbidden on those paths.

If you’re close by Bad Herrenalb, this route has a clear recommendation from us. Enjoy!

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