Northern Black Forest Hut hiking tour (Unterstmatt)

In June, we went for another longer hike in the Northern Black Forest. The route was once more retrieved via

We took the camper van for a stormy night out on a parking lot in Unterstmatt where the route started. Unterstmatt is not a town but a group of houses along the Black Forest “Hochstraße”. As mentioned the night was quite stormy so at 3 AM we had to move from the tent roof into the camper van and close the tent. The next day’s morning welcomed us with a cloudy sky but fortunately no rain.

The route started with a beautiful small hiking path. By the way, the area is famous for skiing in winter. The route passes several huts (well surprise, that’s how it got its name – wow!) but most of them were closed.

Partially we felt like the only only human beings on earth as for hours we did not ran into anybody.

Overall the route can be recommended, the highlight were the last kilometers on top the mountain “Hochkopf”, where the blueberry bushes, birch trees and weeds fight for your attention.

In between there were kilometers and kilometers of palin boring forest paths, which we did not enjoy that much.

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