The last night on the Flüela pass

We left Finale Ligure on 13th September 2018 with the fabulous plan to drive to Livigno, sleep there, do another day riding the fancy bikepark there and then head home.

Unfortunately the weather in the alps started to change from sunny to rainy on our way back, so we just had a quick stop in Livigno for duty free shopping and then moved on towards Switzerland.

The ride through the Munt-la-Schera tunnel is already an adventure on its own – it is a single lane road tunnel about 3 km long, dierction is being changed about every 15 minutes outside the main holiday seasons.

I think it still looks like on the pictures from the 1960s.

We decided to search for a parking spot on the Flüela pass hoping that we could do a half day hike from there before heading towards Germany.
While driving up the pass most parking spaces were marked with no camping allowed, but fortunately close to the top of the pass we found a place where already two other camper vans have had decided to park overnight.

This was maybe the most adventurous camping night in our 3 weeks vacation. On places where civilization is not so close you realize how dark the nights really are or how bright stars shine at night. And while our blanket was a bit too thick for the sun-heated last 3 weeks, we were happy to have it with us on that night in the mountains where the temperature went down to chilly 5°C.

It was raining overnight and the morning welcomed us with a foggy sky and no good view on the mountains. So we said farewell to the hike idea and decided to go for a small walk around the pass area.

At the end I realized once more why I fell in love with the beauty of nature in Switzerland and we decided to plan a tour through the Swiss alps very soon.

We had a save trip home and the weeks since our vacation are running by, Christmas is coming closer and work has caught us faster than we thought it could after a 4 weeks break.

But those 3 weeks of travelling around also made us start some serious thinking about how to improve our work-life-balance in future, so there are some more posts in the pipeline about the next steps to reach that goal.

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