Finale Ligure – Camping Tahiti – Day 3 // Rugetta original & Briga Trail

After having spent one day with a run along the beachside and serious tanning approaches on the beach, we did another MTB trail tour yesterday.

After the Kill Bill II experience, we checked for trails in the range up to S2 – I recommend trailforks for checking the skill requirements.

The tour had two thankful uphills and 2 rather natural trail runs.

La Rugetta original

Briga trail

The temperature yesterday was around 34°C again, so clearly I was melting once more during the uphill.

The trails were great to ride – not too easy but also not too technical.

The rest of the day was spent at the beach.

Today is rest day as my knees and lower back are on strike, it was raining throughout the night and still some dark clouds are hanging around…

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