Finale Ligure – Camping Tahiti – Day 1 // A thrill with Kill Bill II

Unbelievable but true – we are at the mediterranean sea, with mountains, and trails.
I had to go for swim almost immediately yesterday after we arrived in the late afternoon. The water is warm like in a bathtub, not refreshing but nice!

Today we planned a trail tour with + 1000 meters of height, but we gave up after the first climb and downhill :-).

Bildschirmfoto 2018-08-08 um 21.01.23
First, because it was soooo hot, second because we chose the wrong Kill Bill trail and were offered quite some challenging steep and rocky sections during the downhill.
On the uphill we were overtaken by one guy with an eMTB twice. Besides that only by shuttles or road cyclists.
As we have a low uphill pace I guess others were not crazy enough to pedal at such high temperatures.
So we decided that this was a sufficient amount of technical training for the day and to spend some time on the beach in the afternoon.


If you’ve been to Italy before, you’ll now that often part of the beaches are not public. You will need to spend some money to lay down on a sunbed and under a parasol.

We were following the seafront into direction of Noli and found a very nice public beach where we went swimming. By the way, it is super crowded here, as we expected.


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