Sölden Bike Republic – Day 2

Perfect weather today – sunny, warm and dry.
We decided to buy another half day ticket today, as we wouldn’t be able to ride a whole day downhill anyhow. My arms, back and shoulders are already hurting from yesterday.

We started the downhill fun with the Nene trail, even if rated as difficult we were in the mood to give it a try. The trail is a natural trail and is partly a shared route for bikers and hikers. There were 3-4 sections that I did not feel confident enough to ride, but surprisingly I managed almost all root and rock sections today which I normally have nightmares of.


I was not riding trails a lot this year. I was more focused on improving my general cycling endurance, but it seems that this has helped me to gain more strength to manage more difficult trail segments.

My highlight of today was definitively the Ollweite line, 7 km downhill, 712 m decent.
Again the feeling to ride a roller coaster, full of rock fields and small jumps, and a view on the Sölden glacier.


Not to forget – I am also proud of myself that I took the “bigger” drop at the end of the Ohn line ;-).

We finished the trail day with taking the Harbe line and Ohn line again.

Sölden – we will come back! Tomorrow we are heading to Kronplatz.

Few words to spend on the campsite itself.
The spot is currently very crowed, so I guess it is better to book during the main season.
It is super close to the mountain railway, supermarket and bakery.
It offers very clean facilities to wash clothes, dishes, bikes and yourself. They have a bike garage as well.

I like the fact that they have a climbing wall inside that you can use for free (top rope).
And not to forget, the people working here are friendly and welcoming.


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