Sölden Camping & Bike Republic – Day 1

So after a long drive to Sölden, we have spent our first night in a camper van at Camping Sölden.
Unfortunately the weather forgot that we are on our summer vacation right now, and has welcomed us in Austria with rain and fog.

During the night it was around 5°C outside, suprisingly I did not freeze – what I normally do at least when sleeping in a tent. From that perspective, I’ve had a great night and could catch up on some sleep.

Around noon the rain stopped, so we decided to give the Sölden bike park a try, at least to test a probably silppery blue line to safely start off the 4 weeks of riding bikes.


We both know Sölden only from skiing trips hence we were pretty surprised how much that town got on board the MTB trail industry – good for us and for them as this sport gains more and more popularity and keeps the cash flow during the summer months.

Sölden 3D bike map

So it has been foggy but the trails were very much “rideable”.
The Teäre Line is so much fun to ride, it feels like a roller coaster and encourages a medium skilled rider like me to take small jumps or put a bit more speed into the berms (and there are a lot on that line).

We finished the day with a shower for the bikes and ourselves and a “home made” thai curry.

The next weeks of vacation may continue like that.

Tomorrow the weather should be better, really looking forward to it!




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